It is estimated that 10% of the words population suffers from one or the other kind of phobia sometime over their lifespan. The causes can be behavioral and genetic. Whatever be the cause a phobia leaves a person in a terrible condition in which his logic defies his emotions.

The list varies from decades to decades and place to place. Many extensive studies have been in different parts of the world. Fear of Public Speaking was found to be the number one fear in one of the big studies involving more than 10, 000 people across the United States Other studies have also ranked fear of public speaking in the top 5 phobias.

The list given below is the compilation from various list of top ten most common phobias. The order is random.

Glossophobia-In other words it is Fear of Public Speaking.

Acrophobia is fear of Heights This creates panic attack when people see down from heights.

Pteromerhanophobia is fear of Flying. Person gets petrified by even a thought of flying.

Arachnophobia This is a fear of Spiders. This mostly affects women.

Ophidiophobia is fear of Snakes This is usually caused due to personal experiences, cultural beliefs and evolutionary reasons.

Achluophobia is fear of Darkness Mostly young children have the fear of darkness but some children never grow up.

Catagelophobia is fear of being ridiculed or being rejected buy levitra online .

Atychiphobia is the fear of failure and is often one of the most paralyzing phobias. People are so concerned about failing that they don't try an activity they want to try.

Monophobia is fear of solitude or being alone.

Agoraphobia People tend to believe that they are into situations from which they can't escape. In this panic disorder most people tend to avoid those situation they feel they can't escape such as crowded area or even open spaces etc. Approximately one third of the population is affected by Agoraphobia.

All phobias are psychological disorders therefore most of them require special treatments.