Are you so preoccupied with your Fear of Public Speaking that you have forgotten to do some thing about it?

Avoidance is one of the most used weapon against incompetence. Is it right?

Well, there is nothing wrong in avoiding something you don't like provided the avoidance doesn't hurt you. At times the short term view is so compelling that the long term implications are completely ignored either by choice or by ignorance. Don't fall into trap...

Avoiding to speak in public is one such act that gives tremendous relief at that moment. However, lots of opportunities are missed out while you are just feeling comfortable that you were successful in avoiding that speech or presentation which you dread.

You don't even realise at that time that you are losing out because the short term relief of avoiding it is overwhemingly powerful. So begin to overlook everything beyond the present, This preocupation with avoidance becomes a perpetual habit.

Don't just sit and relex.


If the future advantage don't motivate you then think of current disadvantages. They will push you to take action.

The biggest disadvantage of the fear of public speaking is that you are not able to express yourself to a larger audience. This makes you feel incomplete and you begin to accept that incompleteness as your personality or your fate.

Expressing your ideas to others and getting an approval node is a very satisfying experience for everyone buy lasix online . Sometimes even debating with just one  person to win a point on the subject of discussion gives such  a strong sense of achievement that we get carried away by that feeling.

Just imagine that the same feeling will be multiplied many times if the same argument is won against a large audience or you just expressed yourself to a large audience who appreciated your thoughts and listened and interacted with you with interest.

The professional and social advantages of speaking in public are many but the absolute personal advantage is the instant satisfaction of achieving something of importance is great. Series of such achievements improves your personality.

Don't live with it overcoming the fear of public speaking is easy! Just do it. Be brave and face it, you will be able to do it the first time and even if you don't succeed in your first attempts you will ultimately succeed after a couple of false starts.