Speaking in public for a lot of people is a big challenge. They suffer from this really irrational public speaking anxiety. In fact most of the times these people are master of the subject but when it comes to delivering their knowledge to a large group of audience, they just fret.

Can this be a part of a larger picture called social anxiety disorder?

Well! not necessarily. Before calling it any type of psychological disorder. Let us examine the main reasons for the so called fear of public speaking or anxiety.

Let us begin with public speaking anxiety symptoms. From, raised heartbeats to sweaty palms and forgetting the words to just get frozen, the symptoms of the fear of public speaking have a wide spectrum.

These symptoms will be felt whenever you do something new like driving the car for the first time or asking for a date. So this is really not a psychological problem but it simply stems from the lack of experience of doing that activity.Public Speaking is no different in that respect.

This anxiety is not a public speaking phobia so don't treat it like one. Some people take this simple problem of anxiety to the extreme levels by resorting to taking antidepressant drugs and hypnosis for temporary relief.

While a miniscule portion of all the people with the fear of public speaking may require such treatment, majority can simply overcome fear of public speaking by just doing it.

As you do it more often, your confidence increases and finally you get rid of fear of public speaking.

Public speaking skills are not rocket sciences. We are all capable of doing it effectively but since we haven’t done it often we feel anxiety of doing it. If we understand this, then half of our problem is solved.

We have to understand and realize that it is normal to feel anxious. There is nothing wrong with us. It just is a discomfort of doing it. In most cases people already feel that they do very well after a few seconds of initial anxiety.

As you do more and more public speaking you will become less and less anxious. Getting help from  public speaking coaching or any other public speaking courses should help you to get rid of your public speaking anxiety.