There are many different ways in which you can sharpen your public speaking skills. Depending on your style and comfort levels you can adopt some of them to create a good impression on your audience.

Following are some powerful tips to help you in making great speeches:

1- Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking:

This is is the first step. Nothing can work well if you are not confident. All your knowledge will remain buried inside you. If can't say it with confident then it won't make significant impact. So go ahead and build your confidence in speaking in public. Do it yourself by reading books, watching videos and listening to audio podcast and MP3s. If none of these things work then go and get yourself coached by a good mentor. This is absolutely the most important first step without which your journey will end before it begins.

2- Master Your Subject Matter

Content is king! You might have heard it in many different contexts. This is most relevant to the public speaking. If your speech can't add value to your listeners then it is a waste of your and your audiences time. Do your research extensively before going to the stage.

3- Be Creative In Presenting

You need to be unique in the way you you present your content. It will be boring for the audience if there is no freshness and creativity in your speech. Add humor if you can but avoid it if you are not good at cracking jokes. Use pauses, stress certain words and modulate your voice to create these desired impact expected of the subject and your substance. Get some presentations skills training if required.

4- Be Interactive

A monologue cant really be as effective as an interactive speech particularly when you are delivering any speech that is longer than 15 minutes.Involve your audience and enjoy the stimulating effect of communication with them

5- Be Approachable

The audience must feel very comfortable to talk to you. Don't keep you nose high and avoid arguments with anyone in the audience. Keep smiling and remain calm through the entire speech. Your composed behavior will attract a lot of good will.

There are many more smaller aspects of public speaking but the above 5 public speaking tips will give immediate edge.